Quint (Emm) Ellis

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Wholesome, Clean, Passionate Romances w/ a dash of Grit & Intrigue

Short & Sweet (+ Clean) Romances

The Dream

& the Real Thing

She’s never been kissed.
And she’d like to invite Liam to rectify that many, many times over
…if she can ever find the courage to tell him.

Aleeyah has big dreams. But that’s all she’s had. This year is going to be different, though. With the help of her new Tiny Home crew, she’s determined to see at least two of her visions come to life: her fabric design career and her new tiny home!

Liam has dreams of his own; and when the architect spots the whimsical, enchanting Aleeyah he has a feeling she’s a big part of them.

But there’s one catch…the only romance Aleeyah’s ever experienced has been on the page, on the stage or on the big screen.

Do Liam and Aleeyah have a shot at the real thing? Or will their relationship end up being just the stuff of fantasies?

Letting Loose

& Letting Love

Adulting is Hard…but Enjoying Life Like a Kid Once in a While? Turns Out That Can Be Even Harder.

For Sarai and Josiah it was “grudging respect and easy annoyance” at first sight.

But what could you expect when two individuals that live by checklists and the phrase, “Get It Done” are thrown together?

Josiah’s been the father figure in his family for a long time. Childhood was barely a blip on his screen. So when it comes to taking care of business, he knows his business.

Now, if only someone could inform Sarai of that. Because with every determination Josiah makes about the construction of her tiny home, Miss Organized sweetly offers another (good) suggestion.

When Sarai suggests they could each use a little help loosening up, he’s as aggravated as ever to find how easily he offered to partner with her in that quest.

But maybe they’re just what the other needs to discover a life that’s bigger than their to-do lists.

For Better

& For Worse

Three broken hearts. Two loyal introverts. One tiny home. And a handful of busy-bodies.
This is the story…of Stephen and Ashe.

Despite attending the same congregation and university, Ashe and Stephen’s circles had never seemed to cross.

One class project changed everything…for the better; until secrecy, shame and youthful indiscretion pulled them apart.

As Ashe prepares to complete the tiny house of her dreams, an unanticipated reunion in their adult years dredges up a history riddled with regret and heartrending choices.

But, while these ex-lovebirds are busy building a nest for one, can she be convinced to make room for him, too?

I Was Blind

& Now I See

He’s not her type. And she’s not his.
So why does everything seem to point to the opposite?

Rachael’s free spirit and sense of adventure has led her to a group of fast friends who, together, have decided to build their individual dream tiny homes.

But she never counted on befriending a fireman, in the process.

Luke checks off all the NO’s on her list. And she’s definitely not the wifey material he’d envisioned. But as the two get to know one another, priorities are questioned…at least for one of them.

As Luke realizes what he truly wants, Rachael fails to realize that she’s not as free as she thought.

Will she take a leap of faith with Luke? Or will Rachael let her biggest fear burn their hopes to ashes?

Early Quint Emm Ellis works

Tender and Kindling

Do they have what it takes to start a lasting flame?

Hair nicely braided, Lydia is ready for the weeklong Christian retreat she’d signed up for. What she wasn’t ready for was this younger man preparing to teach her something new!

Logan was volunteered to take on the responsibility of keeping the retreat’s nightly bonfires going strong.

He had all the tools he needed to maintain a flame: Logs? Check. Tinder? Check. Kindling? Check.

But what he hadn’t planned for is that it’d be Lydia, and only Lydia, who would provide the spark.

Whatever It Takes

Boy meets girl. Boy loses girl.
Man does whatever it takes to win woman back.

During a pivotal period in their 20’s, Ta’Mara (a driven introvert) and Jared (an easy-going, kind soul) surprisingly found kindred spirits in one another.

Years later, as older adults who have bad decisions, rash decisions and over a decade of separation between them, the hope-filled romance novels that Jared authors are an ode to the one that got away,

But now that Ta’Mara’s within reach, what will he do to help their dreams become a reality?

Can the possibility of the second chance they’ve been handed overcome the mistrust that puts their Happily Ever After in question?

Bound to Love

When does a marriage become more than a contract?

They each have their own reasons for agreeing to a short-term marriage; but neither could have planned for the long-term consequences that the arrangement would spur.

When it’s time to make the decision to part ways with each other, or sacrifice the very things they’d hoped to save, what will they choose?

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